xinxsearchxof (xinxsearchxof) wrote in pumpingmamas,


Arrrgggg, As I was leaving daycare today, the provider was getting
Amelia a bottle ready. It occurred to me as my butt hit the seat in
the car that she had stuck the bottle in the microwave! My hard
pumped MM, in the Microwave, it about killed me in the car!

I have to deal with that tonight! If I am going to spend all that
time pumping, I sure as shit do not want all the nutrients and
antibodies killed in the microwave! If I wanted that I would give
her that crap in a can (no offense to supplementing moms, I swear!
Just the tendency to call it that at my house).

So, I need to figure out how to A) tell her not to do that and B)
come up with a new plan. Can we just put a cooler pack in the cooler
which keeps it cool but not cold and have her give it that way, or
just have her sit one out on the counter and let it get room temp. I
will explain that at home we nuke some water and then put the bottle
in it, and warm it that way, though that takes more time.

Of course DBF his thought was to just tell her to leave all of them
out, she is only there 8 hours, though, can you leave refrigerated
out all day like that?

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