Stephie sloppy socks (ercvt) wrote in pumpingmamas,
Stephie sloppy socks

poor Daddy..

I feel so horrible for Paul. Bella really just has issues with him! LOL He apparently does not have boobies like me, and .. well.. just isn't ME! LOL
Today I took a shower and Paul had her ( normal) and she was crying the entire time I was in the shower- approx 15 min. So when I came down I asked him if he changed her diaper- no.. so he did and she was wet, and she calmed down for a minute. Then started crying again. He bounced with her, tried different positions, checked her clothes, swaddled her.. nothing really helped. So I warmed up a bottle for him- but she was so far past upset she wouldn't take it. Even in the position I normally feed her. I stayed out of sight the entire time.
Now I know she can still smell me.. but.
What the heck do you do?! How do you transition a baby to a bottle from the breast, AND to a different person for a little bit? I feel TOTALLY guilty going back to work! I know Paul is worried too. I mean.. I really DONT want her to cry the entire time I am gone. We don't do the CIO method. Period. That is not ok in my house!

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Do you think wrapping her up in something that smells like you would help any?
When do you go back to work? My mom suggested starting with bottles a few weeks before I went back to work so that we wouldn't be dealing with separation issues and feeding issues at the same time. (Unfortunately at this point it's totally moot because I have the opposite problem-- my baby's getting all EBM in a bottle after phototherapy and other issues led to her refusing to eat at the breast.)

Another thing you could try as an intermediate is giving her EBM from an eyedropper or syringe, or even a finger dipped into the milk, for a few feedings. This worked for my baby in the hospital when she had to go on a bottle. Just make sure you keep pumping to keep up your supply!
I go back the first week in feb. So its coming up soon! I am pumping every morning, and taking fenugreek to get my supply up ( not really getting much sometimes- only 1/2 ounce some mornings) and right now I have a few 1 oz servings in the freezer.
Someone also suggested oatmeal to me and it works really well :)